20000 Lbs, CWP, No. 6R24-24HDD7/MX4536 Coil Reel and Straightener




Coil Reel - Straightener 20,000 Lbs. x 24" Wide



Stock #





Coil Weight

20000 pounds

Coil Width

24 inches

Coil Thickness

.200 inches

Standard Specifications
Coil weight capacity: 20,000 Lbs.
Coil width capacity: 24"
Stock thickness capacity: .200" x 24"
Stock thickness capacity: .250" x 06"
Max stock thickness capacity: To be confirmed
Expansion range: 19.5" - 24.5"
Coil OD capacity: 72"

Equipment and Features
CWP Coil Reel Model No.: 6R-24
Three leaf mandrel
Coil keeper arms
Hydraulic mandrel expansion
Threading drive for jog forward and reverse
Drag brake with adjustable tensioning
Traveling coil load car
Powered lift and travel
Narrow coil supports on coil car
Coil car track

Exit Thread Table ETT-24
Bomb bay door
Pneumatic Actuation

CWP Powered Straightener, Model No.: 24HDD7
Entry and exit pinch rolls with air operated adjustments
Seven straightening rolls
Back up support rollers on all straightening rolls
Motorized upper straightening roll adjustments
Inclined head
Exit cascade loop support rollers
Adjustable stock width edge guides (hand crank)
Coil hold down arm with motorized end wheel
Stock threading table with peeler extension
Auxiliary stock end debender and threading assist roll
Automatic lubrication system
Variable speed payout
Operator\'s control station
Jog forward and reverse
Auto / Run cycle

Reconditioned, Painted and 100% cycling


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