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330 ton Aida SMX-II-S2-300 (1)Straight Side Press New 1994

330 ton Aida SMX-II-S2-300 (1)Straight Side Press New 1994

Stock Number: #2636
Tonnage: 300
Stroke: 11.81 inches
Shut Height: 29.63 inches
Adjustment: 3.93 inches
Bed Size: 84" x 39.3"
Ram Area: 84" x 43.3"
SPM: 25-55 VSPM
121 Ton Aida C-11(2), Gap Press

121 Ton Aida C-11(2), Gap Press

Stock Number: #2197
Tonnage: 110
Stroke: 7 inches
Shut Height: 18.7 inches
Adjustment: 3.5 inches
Bed Size: 56.2" LR x 26.7" FB
Ram Area: 23.6" LR x 20.4" FB

More about Aida

Since grand opening in 1997, AIDA-America has remained the most technologically advanced facility for metal stamping press manufacturing in North America. With a 180,000+ sq. ft. facility, AIDA-America remains the only US manufacturer with the experience and capability to design, build, and deliver servo and mechanical presses ranging from 30 through 4,000 metric tons capacity. Focusing on maintaining a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce, from engineering to production to project management and service, AIDA-America is here to enable you to meet or exceed your production goals. With specialties in mechanical and electrical engineering, AIDA-America engineers design stamping press systems suited to meet and exceed the requirements of our press users.

AIDA US History
1966: Established US Sales
1972: Established US Subsidiary
1995: Established US Manufacturing
AIDA-America Expansions
2008: Added Welding Facility
2015: 32,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Expansion
Manufacturing Facility 180,000 sq. ft.
Press Manufacturing Range 200 to 4,000 Metric Tons
Servo & Mechanical Press Sales and Service Range 30 to 4,000 Metric Tons