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We buy surplus metal stamping presses, coil feed lines and all other types of fabricating and metal working equipment. Whether you are upgrading your equipment, downsizing a line, or liquidating your entire plant, we are prepared to make you an offer.

How it works

4 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Contact Us

Contact Us: call, e-mail, text, send a Letter, heck send up smoke signals! We will have one of our press and machinery experts do an initial call to get a general overview of the surplus or idle equipment available.

Step 2 - Inspection

We will send our press and machinery expert to your facility to inspect, evaluate, document and photograph each item you have available for sale or trade-in.

Step 3 - Offer

S&G Press will provide for your acceptance a signed written itemized cash offer detailing all terms of the potential purchase agreement.

Step 4 - Payment

S&G Press Pays in Full via ACH or Wire Transfer. No games, no bogus offers, no empty promises and no waiting for an out of state 3rd party check to clear!

At S&G Press and Machinery we pride ourselves on our ability to make fair and competitive cash offers for all types of equipment. We are not brokers! Sometimes brokers make promises they cannot truly guarantee. We own what we sell, so when we make your company an offer, you know the deal is done and cash will be in your account soon. We can guarantee your money on time and in full.

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