15,000 lbs x 60" Coe Press Equipment Servo Coil Feed Line, 2012


CPR-15000 / CPRF-560



Stock #





Coil Weight

15000 pounds

Coil Width

60 inches

Coil Thickness

.056 inches

Standard Specifications
15,000 lbs Max. Coil Weight Capacity
60" Max. Coil Width
.056" x 60" Stock Thickness Capacity
.125" x 30" Stock Thickness Capacity
19.25 - 24.75" I.D. Expansion Range
72" Max Coil O.D.

Coe Press Equipment Space Saver complete Coil Feed Line Equipment and Features:  NEW 2012

Coe Press Equipment Coil Reel Model # CPR 15060
Motorized Variable Speed Coil Reel Payout
7.5 Horsepower AV Variable Speed Drive - Digital Reel Control
Dynamic Braking
Up to 60 FPM & 0-17 PRM Mandrel Speed
27" Diameter Heavy Duty Back Plate
Three Leaf Pad - Full Radius Mandrel Pads
Hydraulic Mandrel Expansion
(3) Heavy Duty Coil Keepers
Electrical Safety Disconnect
Jog / Forward / Reverse
Laser Loop Control

Coe Press Equipment Servo Roll Feed with Pull Thru Straightener Model # CPRF 560 / PHS7 3.5
Five Inch Diameter Full Width Upper and Lower Feed Rolls
Cluster Gear Driven Upper Feed Roll with Mating Splined Shafts and Gears
#3 Matte Chrome Finish on Upper and Lower Feed Rolls
Air Pressure Regulator for Exact Feed Roll Pressure
Heavy Duty Cabinet with Press Mounted Brackets
45" Pass Line, +/- 6" Motorized Pass Line Adjustment
Dual Roll Edge Guides with Self Centering & Independent Adjustment
3 Roll Catenary Support Section with Full Side Plates and Funnels
Maintenance Free AC Brushless Servo Motor
Slant Top Control Enclosure
Remote Jog Pendant
SERVOMASTER Touchscreen Controller
 +/- .003" Feed Accuracy
Right To Left Feed Direction

7 Rolls - Pull Thru Straightener  
Power Pinch Rolls with Air Raise and Lower
5" Pinch Rolls
3.5" Straightening Rolls


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