20000 Lbs. Air Feeds Inc Cradle Straightener, 24" Width, 7 Rolls, 72" OD


20,000 lbs Air Feeds Inc Cradle Straightener



Stock #





Coil Weight

20000 pounds

Coil Width

24 inches

Coil Thickness

.250 inches

Standard Specifications
20,000 Lbs Capacity
24" Max. Coil Width
72" O.D. Capacity
24" x .250" At Full Width

Equipment and Features
Entry & exit pinch rolls x 6" diameter
Air operated entry pinch roll adjustment (soleniod controlled)
Five straightening rolls x 4" diameter rolls
Five ton screw jackms on adjustable rolls
Stock peeler assembly (air operated)
Coil end-debender (dual 10" bore cylinders)
Heavy duty stock width edge guides
Dual adjustable side plates with rollers
Automatic "Trabon" lubrication system
Reverse loop stock reflector
Overhead guide chute with air operated open/close
Chute extension
Outboard regulators and gages for pneumatic functions
240/480 volt (fused disconnect)
Variable speed drive with air clutch
Remote pendant control for jog forward and reverse
Auto/run cycle
Loop control


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