20,000 lbs Mecon Cradle Straightener Servo Feed Line




200CCS48 / 500F48HD



Stock #



Not specified


Coil Weight

20000 pounds

Coil Width

48 inches

Coil Thickness

.175 inches

Standard Specifications
20,000 lbs Max Coil Weight
48" Max. Coil Width
48" Wide x .175" Thickness Capacity @ Full Width
24" Wide x .250" Max. Thickness

Equipment and Features
Coil Cradle - Straightener Model No. 200CCS-48
Entry and exit pinch rolls with air operated adjustments 
Seven straightening rolls x 4" diameter 
Individual upper straightening roll adjustments
Adjustable stock width edge guides 
Coil hold down arm - dual cylinder 
Adjustable coil side guide plates
Side plate rollers for wear protection

Variable speed payout 
Jog forward and reverse
Auto / Run cycle 
Loop control 
Operator's control station 

Servo Roll Feed Model  No. 500F48HD
Four-inch diameter feed rolls
Matte chrome finish on upper and lower rolls
Pneumatic upper feed roll lift and pilot
Adjustable stock width edge guides 
Cascade loop support rollers 
Free standing base 
Adjustable pass line 
New AC Servo drive and control package (consult sales for full details)  
Color touch screen HMI
Job memory, micro adjust, full feature menu 
Pilot pin mode
480 V 

Pricing Includes: One year parts and labor warranty on new Servo Feed Controls 
including schematics and operator's manual 

Cleaned, painted and 100% cycling 

Please know this feed Line can be purchased with its existing controls...  Ask your sales representative for "as is" pricing if desired.


2933 - General line drawing MECON 200-48 CSTR.pdf.pdf Download

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