20,000 lbs. x 36" Coe Press Equipment "Conventional" Servo Coil Feed Line For Metal Stamping, Year 1999


CPR-PO-20036 / CPPS-350-36 / CPRF-436



Stock #





Coil Weight

20000 pounds

Coil Width

36 inches

Coil Thickness

.125 inches

Coe Press Equipment Conventional Servo Feed Line

Coe Press Equipment Corporation
Coil Reel Model No. CPR-PO-20036

 Material Specifications:
 Maximum Coil Weight: 20,000 lbs.
 Maximum Coil Width: 36 Inches
 Maximum Coil O.D.: 72 Inches
 Mandrel Expansion Range: 18 - 23 Inches
Standard Features:
“Bearing Tube” support of mandrel
30” diameter heavy duty backplate
Three (3) pad mandrel construction
One set of (3) narrow coil keepers
Material width scales on mandrel pads
Heavy duty welded steel construction
Hydraulic threading drive feature
Hydraulic mandrel expansion feature
Jog forward and reverse
Air disc brake with dual pressure circuitry to prevent coil over run
Coe Press Equipment Hydraulic traveling coil car, Model No. CPTCC-20036
Remote jog pendant for material threading
Reel setup to load from back of line (Right to Left) on a Left to Right system 

Coe Press Equipment Corporation
Free Standing Power Straightener
Model No. CPPS-350-36
Straightener Material Specifications:
Maximum Coil Width: 36 Inches
Maximum Material Thickness: .125” at 36 Inches Wide
Maximum Material Thickness: .250” at 12 Inches Wide
Payoff Rate: Up to 70 FPM

Coe Press Equipment Powered Straightener Features:
Fully funneled stock path for material threading and operator safety
#3 crodon finished upper and lower entrance pinch rolls
Air cylinder raise and lower of upper pinch rolls
7 straightener rolls @ 3.5" Diameter Roll Design
Upper straightener roll height scales and pointers
Independent adjustment of straightening rolls
Electrical safety disconnect
Central point lubrication system
15 hp. DC variable speed drive
3 roll catenary section with full side plates and funnel 
Self centering hand crank entrance edge guides
Peeler/threader/hold down station
Reel to straightener tie in bracket
Remote jog pendant for material threading
Ultrasonic variable speed loop control 

Coe Press Equipment Corporation
Threading Table Model No. CPTT-3618
 Air Operated raise and lower of threading table
 Heavy duty steel construction
 Adjustable pass line feature
 Single sided table construction
 Based on a 18 foot loop 

Coe Press Equipment Corporation
Servo Drive Roll Feed Model No. CPRF-436

Feed Material Specifications:
Material Type: Pre-Straightened MCRS
Maximum Material Width: 36 Inches
Maximum Material Thickness: .125” at 36 Inches Wide
Maximum Material Thickness: .250” at 12 Inches Wide

Feed Performance Specifications:
Feed Angle: 180-240 Degrees
Maximum Speed: 348 Feet/Minute
Acceleration: 55 Feet/Sec/Sec
Feed Accuracy: +/-.003 Inch

Feed Specifications:
Number of Feed Rolls: 2
Feed Roll O.D.: 4 Inches
Feed Roll I.D.: 0 Inches-Solid Rolls
Feed Roll Body Width: 18 Inches

Coe Press Equipment Servo Feed Standard Features:
AC brushless servo motor
Cluster gear driven upper rolls with mating splined shafts and gears
Air operated pilot pin mechanism
Pivoting upper feed roll to assure full gear mesh
Rigid tie bar construction for precise assembly
Air pressure regulator for upper feed roll pressure adjustment
Free standing sloped front control enclosure
C.P.E.C. thumbwheel controller
Emergency stop pushbutton
Flashing light error diagnostics
Fused electrical safety disconnect
Single cycle pushbutton for set-up at jog speed
Remote jog pendant for material threading
Heavy duty cabinet base with 6” of pass line adjustment
3 roll entrance catenary section assures proper material support
Dual hand crank entrance edge guides with self centering and independent adjustment 
460 volt AC three phase


20,000 lbs. x 36" Coe Servo Feed Line Drawing.pdf Download

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