300 ton Minster Model E2-300-72-42 Hevi-Stamper Straight Side Mechanical Press For Sale, Year 1997


E2-300-72-42 Hevistamper



Stock #








8 inches

Shut Height

26 inches


6 inches

Bed Size

72" LR x 42" FB

Ram Area

72" LR x 42" FB



Standard Specifications
Used Minster Straight Side Mechanical Stamping Press
Model E2-300-72-42 Hevi-Stamper sn/ 29119
300 ton Capacity
8" Stroke
26" Shut Height on Bed
6" Motorized Adjustment
72" LR x 42" FB Bed Area
72" LR x 42" FB Slide Area
0-100 VSPM
Equipment and Features
Minster Combination Air Clutch and Brake
Air Counterbalances 
Minster Monitor Flow Recirculating Lube System
Single Geared - Twin End Drive
T-Slotted Ram and Bolster 
6" Thick Bolster Plate
Free Standing Console Controls
OmniLink II LCD Operator Terminal
OmniLink 5000 Press Controls-  Including: 
- 8 PLS Channels 
-105 Programmable Set Ups
- OmniLink Die Protection Module
- OmniLink 5000 4 Channel Tonnage Monitoring Module
- Automatic Counterbalance Adjustment
- Automatic Shut Height Adjustment
50 HP, 1800 RPM Main Drive Motor
27" Wide Windows
38" Floor to Top of Bed
Hydraulic Tie Rod Nuts
Vibro Dynamic Floor Pads
Floor Standing

Weight of Press:  93,000 lbs.
This used 300 ton Minster Hevi-stamper Press can be seen under power in the S & G Press Livonia Michigan Warehouse.

In the realm of metalworking, Minster's 300-ton Hevi-stampers reign supreme. These mechanical workhorses pack a serious punch, delivering up to 300 tons of force to effortlessly form and shape even the thickest sheets of metal. Their secret lies in the double crank design, which guarantees balanced pressure throughout the forming process. No matter the project size, the Hevi-stamper's spacious bed ensures it can handle even the most demanding tasks.
Used Minster Straight Side Mechanical Metal Stamping Press For Sale


300-ton Minster Hevi-Stamper GA Drawing.pdf Download

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