6000 Lbs. DALLAS Servo Coil Feed Line




6000 lbs Dallas Coil Feed Line



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Coil Weight

6000 pounds

Coil Width

18 inches

Coil Thickness

.125 inches

Dallas Industries Double End Coil Feed Line 6,000 Lbs x 18" Wide x .125"
Model# DDJR-6018 / DPS-3-7-18 / 418

Coil weight capacity: 6,000 Lbs
Coil width capacity: 18"
Stock thickness capacity: .125" x 18" Wide, .188" x 12"
Expansion range: 18"-22"
Coil OD capacity: 60"

Equipped With:
Double End Coil Reel Model DDER-6018
Three leaf mandrels
Adjustable coil keeper arms
Hydraulic mandrel expansion
Thread drive for jog forward and reverse
Air operated coil hold down arm
Self contained hydraulic unit
Foot pedal release for arbor rotation
Traveling coil load car
Powered lift and travel
Narrow coil support bars

Powered Coil Straightener Model DPS-3-7-18
Entry and exit pinch rolls
Air operated entry pinch roll adjustment
Seven straightening rolls x three inch diameter
Independent upper straightening roll adjustments
Inclined straightening head
AC Variable speed drive
Jog forward and reverse
Central point lubrication system
Cantinary loop support section
Vertical stock width edge guides
Auto / Run cycle
Common push button operator station
Remote Jog pendants (3)
Ultrasonic Loop control

Exit Stock Thread Table

Servo feed model DRF4-18
4" Diameter full width feed rolls
Air operated upper pilot release
Double Mill entry edge guides
Individual or simultaneous edge guide adjustment
Heavy duty adjustable cabinet base
Cascase entry stock support rolls
NEW REXROTH - INDRAMAT AC servo drive and controls (Shown in photo)
Job memory, micro adjust, batch count, etc (Consult sales for complete
Free standing sloped front control console
Remote pendant control for jog forward and reverse
Fused disconnect
240 or 480 Volt Preset to customer specification

Line can be offered with existing Reliance AC servo controls at a lower price
- consult sales


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