60000 Lbs SESCO Cradle Straightener and Servo Feed Combination, 60" Width




60000 Lbs SESCO Cradle Straightener and Servo Feed Combination



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Coil Weight

60000 pounds

Coil Width

60 inches

Coil Thickness

.200 inches

Standard Specifications
Coil weight capacity: 60,000 Lbs.
Coil width capacity: 60"
Stock thickness capacity: .200" x 60" Wide
Stock thickness capacity: .250" x 48" Wide
Minimum Stock thickness capacity: .060" Per Sesco Specification
Coil OD capacity: 72"

Equipment and Features
Entry pinch rolls x 8" diameter
Seven straightening rolls x 5-5/8" diameter
Dial indicators for upper straightening roll position
Motorized upper straightening roll adjustment
Upper and lower feed rolls x 8" diameter
Air / Hydraulic operated upper feed roll release and pilot
Heavy duty stock width edge guides
Powered nest rolls in coil cradle
Coil restrictor side plates
Wear protection side plate rollers
Motorized side plate adjustments
Combination: Coil stop, peeler, threading assist and de-kinker assembly
Coil storage / load ramp
Automatic lubrication system
Self contained hydraulic pump unit
Machine is offered to be control ready

All new AC Servo drive and control system including - consult sales for
pricing and details


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