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Vibro Dynamics Isolation Pads and Leveling, Various Sizes


Vibro Dynamics Isolation Pads and Leveling, Various Sizes



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We Currently have over (20) sets of Vibro Dynamic Vibration Isolation and
Leveling Pads Available for Sale. Below is a list of a few of the various
sizes in stock.

(1) Full Set. NEW Never Used
These Spring Isolators can support a total weight of about 600,000-660,000
Lbs. This weight will include the total press weight, maximum die weight,
transfer and feed, if supported by the press. At a maximum load of 660,000
Lbs, these Isolators will compress approximately .5". The Isolators will
eliminate 95%-98% of the Transmitted Impact Forces coming from a press.


* The surface that the Spring Mount sets on must not be sloped more than
0.06 inches/foot (5 mm / M).
* Foundation flatness to be within + 0.8 mm.
* Estimated weight - 1200 lbs (544 kg).
* A shim pack is provided for leveling. It consists of (6) 0.063" steel
Shims and (10) 0.04" anti-slip material.
* Operating height without shims: 11.88" to 12.13" (302-308 mm).
* Free height 12.38" (315 mm).
* Tolerance + .2" (5mm).
* On the bottom-synthetic rubber pad
* Dia 27" (686 mm)

And sizes 2, 6, 8, & 9 - 26 among others.

Call anytime for more details and pricing.


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